Great! Sid and Raphael were on time, friendly, dog lovers, and kept going til the job was done! We are pleased with their work. Paul was the best! Love the floring they installed. We will use them again.
Ken Farrell
Poor consideration of my time and poor communication. I was given half a days notice of when the contractor would arrive. My boss was generous enough to allow me that time off despite the short notice. After waiting an hour and a half past the time the contractor was suppose to arrive and being unable to contact the contractor by phone, I left for work. The job got completed later, but the lack of consideration for my time was appalling. I will not be contracting you for future work.
Jeffrey Plume
Owner Paul was attentive and met my concerns quickly after work was completed.
Sterling Levy
Fast, knowledgeable and friendly. That’s on top of the quality work
Jeff Graff
You damaged my furniture. I have a brass and glass table. They moved it and scratched two legs and chipped a corner of one of the glass panels. There were blotches of stain on the floor boards. There was no offer to stain a small area to test the color on the floors. After I was told that different woods carry the stains differently. He did offer to " repair ' the table scratches. This meant to file them down, not real a repair.
Gihan Kader
We were very pleased with the work that was done by Floor Coverings International. They were on time, efficient and the work is amazing. My floors looks great. The only regret I have is not finding them years ago!! We are very, very happy!!!
Henry Clark
The tile job in our bathroom looks terrible. The owner initially stated 1) he's proud of the work and then 2) it is common for the tile people to have to come back redo things. We went without access to a tub/shower for 14 days due to the project being started before the materials being present. The tile guy stated he the materials the owner (Paul Deal) purchased are inferior and that is what caused most of the issues we have in our bathroom. I am utterly embarrassed that we had to pay for this. We have done tiling and done a much better job. This will forever be a blight on my marriage as it was my idea to pay to have this job done as opposed to us doing it ourselves. I have contacted the BBB (and provided pictures) as the tile guy confirmed that unless they start anew, there is no way we will ever attain the tile job we were promised.
Heather and Aaron Floden
The work that was contracted to be completed has not been completed. When pointing out the incomplete work, the crew came back out and still did not fix the problem. This was a huge pain to manage from a scheduling perspective only to be lied to about what work was being done in my home.
Tim DeFosset
Your people did a fine job of refinishing my porch floor -- it's beautiful! You stayed in touch with me in the time between the contract signing and when the work was scheduled. Your people arrived as scheduled and finished on time, and cleaned up the work site before they left.
Roger Rose
So you be the judge? The installation date moved three times. On the date of install the installer had a "vapors" day and did not want to do the job. Then the next day he shows up. But the person who ordered the product did not order what was needed so another few days of delay. Because of the delays I still had others scheduled so because your vendor did not start on time and or had the correct product my painter had to work around your guy which he charged me for and when I told your company "Pauls" response was "I wonder why" not how much and can I make you whole. Then there was the threat in the beginning want to cancel because he lied about the start date "tile is heavy and there is a restocking fee" which would be equal to the 50% deposit. Then I asked for proof of insurance for the "installer" who is not an employee never happened then I asked for material and labor waivers half way at best. So what do you think?
Paula & Jack Davis