Todd was great! He was professional and efficient. Our flooring looks great! I was amazed that he did all that work by himself! We appreciated Paul’s visit to our home and all the good advice he gave to us.
Julia Stevens
Paul Deal was so easy to work with and helped pick out a carpet I wouldn’t have it would. Great installer and installation was so smooth.
Julie and John Ingoldsby
The flooring is beautiful and the perfect color for my living area. The salesman and the installer were very nice and professional. The quality of the product is outstanding and I am very, very pleased. The installer (Tod) did an excellent job!!
Beverly Faulkner
Fast and efficient service,good carpet selections. The technicians who laid the carpet were excellent and were polite. All around good service.
Joan Miller
Prompt service with an excellent flooring product. The salesman, installer and all staff we professional to help this be a speedy install. Would recommend to anyone.
Adam Schachner
Great! Sid and Raphael were on time, friendly, dog lovers, and kept going til the job was done! We are pleased with their work. Paul was the best! Love the floring they installed. We will use them again.
Ken Farrell
Poor consideration of my time and poor communication. I was given half a days notice of when the contractor would arrive. My boss was generous enough to allow me that time off despite the short notice. After waiting an hour and a half past the time the contractor was suppose to arrive and being unable to contact the contractor by phone, I left for work. The job got completed later, but the lack of consideration for my time was appalling. I will not be contracting you for future work.
Jeffrey Plume
Owner Paul was attentive and met my concerns quickly after work was completed.
Sterling Levy
Fast, knowledgeable and friendly. That’s on top of the quality work
Jeff Graff
You damaged my furniture. I have a brass and glass table. They moved it and scratched two legs and chipped a corner of one of the glass panels. There were blotches of stain on the floor boards. There was no offer to stain a small area to test the color on the floors. After I was told that different woods carry the stains differently. He did offer to " repair ' the table scratches. This meant to file them down, not real a repair.
Gihan Kader