Get stone floor tile installed for your home or business near St. Louis.

Tile flooring and backsplashes are a colorful and dynamic design feature. Stone tile is a stylish installation choice that creates an organic look and feel. Clean, modern and durable, stone floor tile is a great way to update and elevate your current décor.

The best part?

Many types of stone tile are made in eco-friendly manufacturing processes. That means fewer chemicals, little energy and minimal processing are needed to create this type of tile, minimizing their environmental impact.

Learn About Stone Tile

Stone tile can be used in many areas of your home including backsplashes, walls and countertops.

Popular materials like granite have a unique palette that is a result of the minerals trapped and suspended within the molten rock. This type of process contributes to stone’s pure source of density and stability, making it a sturdy option for tile flooring projects.

Where to Install Stone Floor Tile

Stone is universally recognized because of its outstanding durability and sophisticated look. A finished stone floor can last for decades when professionally installed.

Earthy tones and natural strength make stone a highly sought-after selection for most surfaces in any room. Many homeowners choose to install stone tile as a decorative feature of kitchens and bathrooms or throughout a home to make a bold design statement.

Maintenance and Cleaning

We often suggest stone floors to clients who want minimal maintenance. We encourage homeowners to implement regular cleaning habits into their lives, such as spot mopping, regular sweeping, and quick approaches to accidents.


Simple cleaning will lengthen the life of your floors. Consider using a stone-sealing agent as an additional safety measure.

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