Natural stone is a majestic and long-lasting option for home flooring in the St. Louis area. At Floor Coverings International Arch City we offer a variety of natural stone tile options for our local customers, including quartzite tile. Keep reading to learn more about this great flooring option.

quartzite flooring st louisIntroducing Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone material that is slowly formed by tectonic pressure. Over thousands of years, sandstone and quartz slowly fuse into quartzite.

This durable stone is mined straight from the earth before it is cut into slabs, crafted into tiles, and finally, installed as flooring in homes just like yours!

marble bathroom st louisBenefits of Quartzite Flooring

Often light in color, quartzite is a stone with markings that look similar to marble. Because quartzite is less expensive than marble, it is often used as a cost-effective substitute. The great thing about using quartzite instead of marble is that quartzite is actually the harder and more impervious of the two. This means that quartzite is less susceptible to staining!

Quartzite will also resist heat and scratching, making it a great option for the kitchen. This low maintenance stone option will require less upkeep compared to more finicky natural stone options.

Consider this wonderful stone flooring option for your entryway, kitchen, or bathroom. With the expensive look of marble, budget-friendly quartzite is also great for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom.

natural stone tiles st louisSome Considerations

Even though quartzite is less porous than other natural stone options, it still needs to be sealed in order to protect it from liquid damage, especially from acidic liquids in the kitchen like wine and citrus.

Natural stone can be slippery underfoot, especially if it has a high-shine finish. Stones high in quartz are typically less slippery than other stones, but you should still keep slipperiness in mind when choosing it for your home.

Get Quartzite Stone Flooring

Get natural stone flooring for your home! Call the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City and schedule your free, in-home consultation today! We bring the flooring samples straight to your door with our mobile showroom.

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