Pine wood flooring is a premier type of flooring for homeowners in the Floor Coverings International Arch City area. Homeowners tell us they love pine flooring for many reasons, but some of the most common are its rustic look, its small environmental footprint, and its low cost. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City take a closer look at the characteristics and features of pine wood flooring below.

st. louis pine wood flooring


Pine wood comes from pine trees grown all across the Earth. Pine trees comprise of about 120 different species and are the world’s leading source of paper products and building materials. When used as a flooring surface, most pine wood is classified as softwood, meaning it has a softer composition than other types of hardwood flooring.

Rustic Look

Pine wood flooring is well known for containing knots or pines, which add a special and unique character to its surface. This is especially appealing for homes with a rustic or vintage vibe. Pine floors can be challenging to keep looking brand new but this is actually a positive feature for homeowners desiring a weathered appearance.

Small Environmental Footprint

Pine trees grow faster than most hardwood trees, meaning pine tree farming is very sustainable. It’s easy to see why pine wood flooring is environmentally friendly. Know that when you install a pine wood floor in your home, you may be helping the Earth’s forests just a little bit more.

Low Cost

Wood flooring of the softwood variety tends to be less expensive than hardwood flooring. Thus, pine wood flooring will make a smaller dent in your wallet than say, a hardwood oak floor.


With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that homeowners in the Floor Coverings International Arch City area love pine wood flooring. Is pine flooring the right fit for your next flooring project? Give us a call at the number below and we’ll help you through the process. Don’t miss the chance to have a free in-home estimate and design consultation!