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Among smart and stylish homeowners, hardwood is always a popular choice. At Floor Coverings International Arch City, we can recommend a variety of hardwood flooring options for your St. Louis home, including mahogany. This species of hardwood is well known for its hardness and longevity. Get acquainted with the ins and out of mahogany and find the best hardwood flooring for your St. Louis home.

mahogany hardwood flooring st louisBenefits of Mahogany Hardwood

When compared to other flooring materials like oak and pine, mahogany definitely comes out as a winner. It is nearly 70 percent harder than oak and about 28 percent more stable. And since it has no grooves, this makes it better resistant to water and scratches when compared with oak and pine flooring. It is also important to note that mahogany flooring is typically cut from quartered logs; this enhances the planks’ durability. Because of its increased strength, the planks used in mahogany flooring are less likely to bend when exposed to heat.

As far as appearance, you really can’t beat mahogany flooring. It has a uniform texture and a gorgeous dark brown color. It easily complements just about any type of home decor. Furthermore, you will find this type of flooring to be resistant to fading because it is able to absorb sunlight. If you are wanting to install it in rooms that are highly exposed to sunlight, you won’t have to worry about it losing its color.

Even though mahogany has an incredibly classy and refined appearance, it’s durability and resistance to many signs of aging make this hardwood suitable for high-traffic areas. With mahogany, you can add timeless beauty without having to worry about fussy flooring upkeep.

mahogany hardwood flooring st louisSome Considerations

Mahogany flooring is so hard that is can be difficult to cut, making special tools a necessity for shaping and installation. All in all, the cutting and installation process is particularly tricky for this kind of flooring. Mahogany hardwood is not for DIY flooring installations. With this type of hardwood, finding the right flooring professional is key.

Contact the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City and get expert assistance with your mahogany hardwood flooring project! If you’re still considering other types of hardwood, that’s no problem at all. Our mobile showroom will bring the flooring samples right to your door. Book online today.

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