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Here in the St. Louis, MO area, bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular. This elegant flooring material offers the beauty of wood flooring with a few key eco-friendly benefits that environmentally conscious homeowners love. Here at Floor Coverings International Arch City, we offer a wide range of bamboo flooring options for you to choose from.


All About Bamboo

Bamboo floors look a lot like hardwood, but they are actually made from a type of grass called Moso. It grows in thin cylindrical stalks that are cut above the root when harvested. The stalks are then sliced into strips before being pressed into planks for flooring.

Bamboo ranks very high on the Janka Hardness Scale. This useful metric measures the amount of force required to embed a steel ball halfway into a piece of wood. Bamboo’s 3000 rating is up there with hard woods like white oak and ash.

It’s important to note that despite this high rank, heavy objects can easily dent bamboo floors. Be careful with large pieces of furniture and appliances.

Naturally, bamboo is a light tan color with minimal grain variation and a very smooth texture. If you would prefer another shade, you can easily stain bamboo to take on practically any look. White washed wood and dark wood are both very popular today, and your bamboo floors could take on either of these looks with the right finish.



Bamboo’s green benefits come from two key characteristics of the bamboo plant. First, it grows much more quickly than hardwood trees. You can harvest bamboo stalks every three to seven years. In contrast, many trees take decades to mature. After bamboo is cut from a stalk, the stalk is also able to regrow. For these key reasons, when you cut down bamboo for new flooring, it has a much smaller impact on the environment.bamboo floor in living room



Here at Floor Coverings International Arch City, we offer a wide range of bamboo flooring options. Our close relationship with top manufacturers allows us to carry new and classic styles from quality brands at a great price. If you have questions about our selection, or about the benefits of installing bamboo in your home, contact us today! We offer free in-home consultations to the greater St. Louis, MO area.


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