We offer a range of carpet flooring options to the greater St. Louis area at Floor Coverings International Arch City. Is it time for new carpet in your home? Call us today to learn more about this cozy flooring option. In the meantime, we have a few pros and cons for you here, and a bit of background to help you start making decisions about your next flooring project.


Pros of Carpet

Energy-Efficient – The thick, insulating design of carpet helps to keep heat inside your home. This can actually reduce your energy bill over time. Carpet’s warming abilities make it a popular option for colder rooms like basements and upstairs bedrooms.

Cushioning – One of the things people love most about carpet is its soft, cushioned design that feels soft underfoot. This cushioned design also has a safety benefit. If you live with small children or senior citizens who are in danger of falling, the softness of carpet can help reduce potential injuries from falls.

Cost – Flooring can be a significant investment. Many people choose carpet because it is more affordable than most other flooring options.

Maintenance – The maintenance required for carpet is fairly straightforward. You spot clean stains right away, and vacuum regularly. No need for special cleaners or detailed scrubbing methods!

girl and carpet wavebreakmediaCons of Carpet

Durability – Most types of carpet are not known for their durability. While some natural wool carpets can last for quite a while, their lifespan is still much shorter than natural flooring options like hardwood and stone tile.

Moisture Damage – Carpet is very susceptible to moisture damage, and does not dry easily. This limits the spaces in the home where you can install carpet.

Value – The affordable price of carpet also means that it doesn’t add much resale value to your home like hardwood or stone tile.

Carpeting Options

At Floor Coverings International of Arch City, we partner with top manufacturers like Armstrong and Shaw in the St. Louis area to bring you a wide range of flooring options. We offer natural carpets made from wool as well as blends and synthetic carpets made from materials like polyester and olefin. There’s sure to be a style that will fit perfectly in your home. Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation!


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