The 70s are long gone, but modern shag carpets are making a comeback. Shag carpets have a distinctive appearance, adding softness and warmth to any room. If you’re thinking about new carpet for your St. Louis home, contact the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City and we can discuss your options, including shag carpeting.

white shag carpet in St LouisWhat is Shag Carpet?

Shag carpets have long, floppy carpet strands that give this flooring material a unique appearance. Shag is a cut-pile carpet style, meaning that the woven loops of carpet have been cut open into strands.


Shag carpets have a super soft texture. They make a cozy and plush floor covering that feels heavenly to walk on. Shag is also very comfortable if your planning to sit directly on your floor (very groovy).

Visual Appeal

If you choose a bright color for your shag carpet, your space is sure to have a funky and unique look. To tone down the bold textural statement of shag, try a cream color. Neutral colored shag is a sure way to make this 70s staple feel totally modern.

shag carpet in St LouisMaintenance

It takes vigilance to keep a shag carpet clean, as dirt and dust are easily trapped in the jungle of shaggy carpet strands. Unfortunately, vacuuming is a big pain for this type of carpet so it’s best to prevent dirt from getting tracked in all together. Shag is a great option if you want to add style to shoe-free rooms, such as bedrooms.


Shag carpets are made from long, drooping carpet strands that lie flat. Over time, the strands can become worn due to foot-traffic on their exposed sides. Again, sensitive shag is best for your low-traffic, shoe-free rooms.

shag area rug st louisYour New Shag Carpet

Even though shag is a hard-pass for rooms with high levels of foot-traffic, a shag carpet is perfect for hip living spaces, especially bedrooms. Contact the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City today to get started on your flooring journey.

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