When we talk about carpet, the conversation often centers on style, but at Floor Coverings International Arch City, we think that fiber choice is just as important as carpet style. Today we are sharing our thoughts on olefin fiber carpeting.

Introducing Olefin Carpet

The name olefin might sound foreign to most, but this synthetic carpet fiber is well known in the carpeting world for its wool-like appearance, resistance to mildew, and stain-proof nature. Olefin is a great flooring option to consider for playrooms and basements in the St. Louis area.

basement carpeting st louisOlefin, also known as polypropylene, is a synthetic material that is used to make carpet fibers. Olefin fiber carpets are available in many styles, although low-pile olefin carpets are the most common. Carpets made from olefin are a budget-friendly alternative for homeowners who are looking at more expensive, low-pile options.

The Wool-Look for Less

The look of olefin carpet is often compared to wool. Because of this similarity, olefin is typically used to make Berber style carpets and area rugs, as these styles are commonly made out of wool. Berber carpets made of olefin will typically have a matte appearance, although olefin can also be used to make carpets with a high-sheen finish.

olefin carpet st louisDurability and Stain-Resistance

Olefin fibers have a relatively low bounce-back factor, meaning they are easily compressed by foot-traffic. This is why olefin fibers are often used to make low-pile carpets. Olefin is not the best fiber for cut-loop carpet styles, but as a low-pile carpet fiber, olefin will stand up to wear and tear.

Where olefin really shines is stain-resistance. Olefin carpet fibers are always “solution dyed,” meaning that the color is added to the fibers during production instead of afterward. Solution-dyed fibers resist staining because they have no open dye sites. Simply put, olefin fibers do not have any nooks where stains might seep in and comprise the carpet color. Even bleach can’t discolor olefin!

The Best Choice for Basements

Olefin is a hydrophobic substance: it resists liquid absorption. This makes olefin carpet the ideal choice for basements and other below-grade rooms. Your olefin fiber carpets will dry quickly to resist mold and mildew, even in the dampest of rooms. Olefin carpet would be perfect for a basement playroom!

Interested in olefin carpet for your St. Louis home? Call the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City today and schedule your free, in-home design consultation.

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