Durable, soft, and easy-to-clean, nylon carpet is an excellent choice for any home in the St. Louis area. Nylon carpet resists damage from stains, heat, and fading. Floor Coverings International Arch City supplies a variety of carpet materials, but nylon remains one of our most popular options.

nylon carpeting bedroomWhat is Nylon?

Nylon is a synthetic material. Its unique structure allows nylon to resist fading, flattening, or fraying. When compared to other material types, nylon shows excellent flexibility, strength, and texture.

Benefits: Durable, Stylish, and Resilient

Nylon carpet holds up against daily damage better than any other carpet material. Nylon holds up against the test of time, even against heavy furniture, heavy traffic, dirt, and spills. Once treated, nylon carpets are capable of unparalleled stain resistance. Most nylon carpeting comes pre-treated, guaranteeing you a carpet that resists stains far better than average flooring options.

Nylon carpets come in various colors and styles. They can be found in both cut pile and loop pile. When colored, this carpet shows excellent uniformity, meaning the color is vibrant and evenly distributed. Nylon is also very soft, breaking the stereotype that synthetic fabrics must be less comfortable than natural.

Alongside nylon’s unique qualities, it also has the same benefits of all our carpet options. Comfortable, warm, and sound-absorbing, carpeting is an ideal choice to make any room cozier.

Durable nylon is easy for St. Louis homeowner’s to maintain. Alongside regular vacuuming and timely spill cleanup, nylon responds incredibly well to steam cleaning. Steam cleaning your nylon carpet actually reactivates the chemical bonds in this synthetic material and your carpet will spring back to life!

Is Nylon Carpet Right for You?

Nylon carpet is a great choice for your St. Louis flooring and works particularly well in places that see lots of heavy foot-traffic. Homes with pets or children will benefit from nylon carpet, because it’s less likely than other carpet types to be stained, frayed, or otherwise damaged.

Our Floor Coverings International Arch City team is happy to help you decide if nylon carpeting is the perfect choice for your home. Schedule your free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas.

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