St. Louis carpet tile

When it comes to carpet, there is a huge list of possibilities. One major choice facing prospective carpet owners is that between wall-to-wall carpeting and carpet tiles. When you think of carpeting, chances are you have in mind a wall-to-wall carpet. But carpet tile is exactly what it sounds like: tiles made of carpet!

At Floor Coverings International Arch City, we offer numerous flooring solutions, including the innovative carpet tile option for St. Louis homes in search of sturdy carpeting with unparalleled resilience.

The Tiles

Manufactured in the form of square carpet sections, carpet tile is a floor-spanning array of interlocking segments, forming a nearly seamless surface that is indistinguishable from the feel of traditional wall-to-wall carpet. It is especially popular for commercial use, due to the typical tight-loop, low-pile structure of the fibers. These fibers make a carpet resilient to stains and other common carpet mishaps. For the home, carpet tile can be provided with cushier pile for your comfort.

St. Louis carpet tile

The Advantage

The tiles are set into the floor with glue or staples, which is enough to keep them stable and rooted firmly in place as they are walked on. However, the key to carpet tile’s strength is that tiles can be removed and replaced in the event of damage.

Should a difficult spill permanently mark a tile, it can be replaced. Pet damage, mold, and virtually anything else that might harm a carpet can be negated with simple tile replacement.


Carpet tiles allow for more diversity and customization than your average wall-to-wall carpet. Your carpet tile can, of course, be uniform throughout the room, but consider mixing things up a bit with a spare tile of a different color. For example, a nice bright blue tile in a sea of gray can add just the subtle pop your living room needs to fully spring to life. With carpet tile, your inner decor artist can emerge.

Tile, Hardwood, Vinyl, and More!

At Floor Coverings International Arch City, we do it all. Choose from our huge selection of available flooring materials, and leave the installation to us! Contact us today for your free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater St. Louis, MO area.

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