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Learn more about our unique approach to carpet installation to make you project hassle-free

Deciding on carpeting for your home or office will bring that warm design touch that it has been missing! Not only will carpet bring warmth, but carpet installation also helps with noise reduction and comfort with every step.

Where to Start?

When you start your project, our team at Floor Coverings International will assign you a designated Design Associate that will be aside along you until you find the perfect carpet for your living space!

The “Before You Buy” Guide

There are several factors before you choose a carpet installation that is critical to save money and have the carpet last longer.


While most of the manufacturers provide their own wear/durability rating, make sure you are aware of the carpet’s density rating, face weight, and twist level.

  • Density Rating – this rating is determined by using an equation that includes the carpets face weight and pile height
  • Face Weight – this is the weight of fiber per square yard of carpet, this factor is usually listed
  • Twist Level – this rating is the number of twists in a one-inch strand of the carpet fiber

The reason it’s important to consider the density rating is that a carpet with high weight or thickness does not mean it’s the most durable. While the density rating is not commonly listed, face weight and twist level are a good indicator for durability. Nylon and wool are the most durable.


Deciding on the correct padding is crucial for nose reduction and the comfortability for your feet. Not only does padding help prevent the carpet from breaking down faster, it also helps protect the carpet from the moisture in your homes.

Your Lifestyle and Installation Location

Considering the lifestyle, you live, is important for your carpet installation process. Some questions to think about are the following: “Do you have pets or children?” “Are you carpeting your basement?” Do you currently live in a humid environment?”.

There are better carpet products that help protect against stains and pet accidents. There is also carpeting that will better protect against mold, mildew, and moisture when installing in places like a basement or high humidity locations.

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