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If you’re redoing your bathroom and thinking about tile, the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City has a message for you: don’t settle!

Why fall back on the same old bathroom flooring options when there’s a whole world of design options out there waiting for you? Break out of your bathroom tile rut with these unexpected choices for bathroom flooring in the St. Louis area.

The Chameleon

laminate bathroom floors arch cityVinyl flooring doesn’t sound very exciting, but trust us when we say that the new generation of luxury vinyl flooring is a different breed entirely. Luxury vinyl combines the reliable durability and water-resistance of old-school vinyl with a design flexibility that is unmatched by any other flooring material on the market today.

Advanced printing and etching technologies allow manufacturers to produce a diverse range of luxury vinyl flooring options, each style flawlessly capturing the real look of materials such as wood and natural stone.

This opens up a whole world of bathroom flooring options by allowing homeowners to bring the look of moisture-sensitive hardwood and porous natural stone into the bathroom!

cork flooring arch cityThe Softie

Cork is a very popular flooring choice, with a great reputation as a green flooring option, but many folks don’t know that cork is also a great tile alternative for bathroom flooring!

Cork is naturally resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria, so it performs well in a moist environment. Cork is a poor conductor of heat, lending it a warm feel underfoot. Although it has an appearance that is similar to hardwood, cork is actually somewhat soft to the touch.

Basically, cork looks like hardwood and feels like your favorite bathmat! Sounds perfect for those cold mornings when it’s so darn hard to get out of that hot shower.

The Wildcard

teak wood flooring arch cityThe number one rule of bathroom flooring is no hardwood. But here’s another piece of wisdom: never say never! True, most species of hardwood are sensitive to moisture making them a poor choice for bathroom floors. Teak, however, is the special exception.

Teak is an exotic and beautiful hardwood that is sourced from humid, jungle environments. This wood contains naturally occurring oils that make it uniquely resistant to moisture and heat. Because it repels water, teak wood is a commonly used for decks, boats, and, you guessed it, bathrooms.

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