st. louis carpet flooring

Homeowners in the St. Louis area are choosing carpet to meet their flooring needs. That’s no surprise because the best carpets on the market are comfortable, cost-effective, and durable. On top of these great features, there are also a handful of fringe carpet benefits that aren’t as widely known.

To help you make the best choice for your home, the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City has put together a list of lesser-known carpet benefits. Learn the best-kept secrets of carpeting for St. Louis homes, right here!

st. louis carpet flooringStyle

Hardwood tends to get all the attention when it comes to interior design. But many stylish homeowners are actually opting for carpet flooring to add just the right touch to any room.

Carpet comes in many styles, from elegant plush to fun and casual frieze. With carpet, there is truly a texture for every room, and unlike hardwood, carpet is available in both neutral and colorful palettes, giving homeowners even more design flexibility.


st louis carpet flooringMore so than other flooring materials, carpet improves insulation in rooms where it is installed. Regardless of fiber type, a carpet will improve the heat efficiency of a room, and a carpet under-pad will maximize this effect! Basically, carpet will keep you warm and lower your heating bill; a big advantage during the wintertime


Carpet absorbs sound, which will make your home quieter and less prone to echoes. The plush surface of carpet also prevents the sound of footsteps, which makes carpet a great choice for upstairs bedrooms.

st louis carpet flooringSafety

Hard flooring options are not fun to fall on, and many of them can be quite slippery, increasing the likelihood of a tumble. Carpet offers traction to prevent falls, and it also provides a cushioned landing should a fall occur. The safety benefits of carpet are especially valuable for homes with small children or with elderly residents. Consider high-traction carpet for accident-prone areas of the home, such as stairways.

Carpet Flooring In St. Louis

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