These 3 tile trends for St. Louis homes are flashy enough to make a statement but practical and long-lasting enough to give you peace of mind.

Redo the flooring in your St. Louis home with terrazzo style tile, fish scale tile accents, or a dynamic take on vintage black and white flooring design. Your most stylish floors are more than possible, especially with a little help from the design experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City!

terrazzo tile flooring st louisTerrazzo Tile Flooring

Terrazzo tile is a totally unique flooring option that is growing in popularity with contemporary homeowners.

Traditionally, terrazzo was made from a concrete or epoxy resin that was mixed with chips of marble or stone, and then poured and set on-site. Luckily, terrazzo style flooring can now be achieved with premade terrazzo tiles, eliminating most of that messy and complex installation process.

Fun and stylish, terrazzo tile has a shiny surface with flecks of gorgeous color: it kind of looks like a deconstructed mosaic! Depending on your choice of tile, the finished look of terrazzo flooring can range in style from vintage to modern.

Terrazzo tiles are great for adding dynamic style to kitchens and bathrooms in the St. Louis area. Even better, they are an extremely durable, making terrazzo tile a trendy choice that is also practical and durable.

Decorative Fish Scale Tile

Square tiles are so 2017! Break out of your tile box by playing with the trendy but timeless shape of fish scale (scalloped) tile. This elegant shape looks great as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom accent.

Get extra creative by using fish scale as an accent tile for your flooring installation. This shape looks great in decorative clusters and can even work in corners and other perimeter areas.

Fish scale tiles are available in a variety of materials, such as marble, porcelain, glass, and terra cotta. Try blue or green fish scale to add an aquatic splash to your tile project, or go for a Mediterranean vibe by opting for rusty reds and oranges

vinyl bathroom flooring st louisBlack and White Tile Flooring

Black and white tile floors bring to mind vintage bathroom design: not super exciting. But there’s a new take on black and white tile making a splash this year, and trust us, it’s bold, graphic, and totally unexpected!

Ease into this look by going for an easy twist: opt for larger than average tiles and flip those squares into diamonds.

To up the ante, bring a monochromatic feel all the way up your walls and onto your countertops. Try black cabinetry with stark white countertops, or white cabinets and black backsplash.  The resulting look will be decidedly modern; a far cry from those snooze-inducing checkerboards of yore.

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