ceramic floor tile Arch CityTry ceramic flooring tiles for your St. Louis home! Local kitchens and bathrooms alike can benefit from the ambiance of classic clay flooring.

Floor Coverings International Arch City is at the ready to help you select and install the ceramic tile flooring that is right for your home. Here are a few notes on what to expect once you have become stone-like in your decision to adopt ceramic tiles.

Glazed or Unglazed?

Ceramic tiles are versatile because they can be installed inside the home, in entryways, or in outside areas, such as patios. Since ceramic floor tiles are often placed in kitchens, homeowners commonly opt for a glaze, which offers extra water-resistance.  The appearance of ceramic glaze can range from matte to gloss.

Outside the home is where you can expect to see most unglazed ceramic, but its earthy appearance is also a great fit for entryways, mudrooms, and sunrooms. Unglazed ceramic is also less slippery than the glazed variety, so if you have kids running around, an unglazed tile floor can be the difference between a busted elbow and a happy camper.

ceramic floor tile Arch City

Sizing Up the Situation

There isn’t a set size for ceramic floor tiles, so you get to choose the size that best fits your space. In general, just know that the larger the tiles, the larger the room will appear. If you’d like to create a sense of more space, these large ceramic floor tiles will be your best bet.

What smaller tiles will do is draw the eye.The crisscrossing grout lines between tiles are almost hypnotic! Smaller tiles tend to pop up in bathrooms, but it really comes down to your preference for the specific room in question: added spaciousness, or something e a little more eye-catching? Ceramic is beautiful either way.

The Occasional Cleanup

Less time cleaning, more time admiring! That’s what we say anyway. If you agree, you’ll be glad to have selected ceramic tiles for your new floors. All you need to do, every week or two, is run through with a vacuum or a broom, and then follow up with a quick mopping session, one end of the room to the other. Some hot water and dish detergent ought to do you right.

Get the Grout

ceramic floor tile Arch City

Grout is basically the glue that binds your ceramic tiles together, and getting creative with grout colors is a great way to customize your St. Louis floors. Here’s a quick tip for you: light colors can beautifully complement dark tiles and vice versa!

Free In-Home Consultation

It’s your home, and the style, color, and sizing of your ceramic floor tiles are up to you. The team at Floor Coverings International Arch City is here to help though! Schedule a free in-home consultation today and let us accompany you down the road to your new ceramic floors!

Photo credit: Artazum, Nicole Gordine, Pics721