Hardwood floors can provide your home or office with the elegance it deserves. For years, homeowners and designers have toyed with the idea of installing the “perfect floor.” The perfect floor should be one that complements your entire space from wall to wall. As a matter of fact, the right hardwood floors offer the perfect solution. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs that blend in naturally with any décor. The modern trends of hardwood floors today are versatile, cost efficient, and quite stylish. Floor Coverings International Arch City takes a closer look at the top hardwood flooring trends in 2017 for St. Louis, MO residents.

st. louis dark stained hardwood

Wood is Always a Great Choice

Dark Stained Wood Floors make a profound statement in any room. Dark colored floors bring out soft white or antique white walls and cabinets. Although dark floors are beautiful, they can make a room appear smaller, and they do attract and show more dust and dirt than brighter colors.

Blonde Colored Wood Floors or Bamboo Floors make your living and working space appear brighter, larger, and more spacious. These light colored floors hold dust and dirt well. Most importantly, dirt or dust won’t show up as vividly as it does on dark colored floors. Add these colors throughout the home or and brighten up an entire building.

Gray Wood Floors might sound really dull, but they are actually trending in 2017. Just think about all the great colors that go well with a gray outfit, and put them to work. For a bold and brave statement, try adding something red in the mix. Want to tone it down a little? Just add a soft pastel color like pale yellow or light blue.

Don’t be afraid to try different designs and color schemes. The hardest part is choosing which hardwood flooring solution to go with. The easiest part is caring for your floors and keeping them looking new all year round.

Cleaning Tips

Avoiding stepping on your floors with spiked heels and never use a damp or wet mop with harsh chemicals. Instead, use an almost dry lightweight mop, as too much moisture can damage the wood. A microfiber dusting pad would be great as it attracts dust and allergens.

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Photo Credit: PavelShynkarou