Distressed hardwood is similar to hand scraped or reclaimed hardwood. It brings out texture, color, and grain variations and creates a floor with a unique personality and rustic charm. As with every flooring option, this hardwood variation has its benefits and drawbacks for you to consider before installing it in your home. Allow us at Floor Coverings International Arch City to take you through the characteristics of distressed hardwood to see if it’s right for you!

st. louis distressed hardwood flooring


  • Modern flooring trend makers are embracing the rustic charm because of its irregular colors and grains. Distressed hardwood highlights the knots, rings, and scratches present in the wood you choose.
  • Distressed hardwood has a lack of uniformity across its profile that makes it easier to mask your own scuffs and scratches. The random imperfections in the wood give it character and any extra you may accumulate will only add to the distressed look of the wood.
  • The matte finish of distressed hardwood hides dirt and dust buildup in your home. Your day-to-day cleaning routine will be much easier than with a dark, uniform hardwood.


  • Although it appears more natural, the look of distressed hardwood is machine-produced and has a larger carbon footprint than other flooring options. If you want to be more environmentally conscious, choose a reclaimed hardwood that the same rustic personality as distressed hardwood–without the negative environmental impact.
  • Distressed hardwood is more expensive than some more traditional solid hardwood options because of the production process. If you are tightly budgeting your next flooring project but love the distressed look, check out engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminate, all which will give you the look without the burden of the cost.
  • When investing in hardwood flooring, it is wise to pick a material that will increase the value of your home by the time it comes to resell. While current trends are focused on bold and unique designs, they may not last forever. If selling your home, you might run into a hesitant buyer whose aesthetic differs from your own.

We understand that this distressed hardwood isn’t for every St. Louis, MO area home. However, if you would like to see how our samples would look in your own home, contact Floor Coverings International Arch City today to set up a free in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: BDesignStudio