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When you’re renovating the flooring in your home, it’s exciting to think of all of the available options. Most homeowners are on a budget, however, forcing them to compromise on their dream flooring. At Floor Coverings International of Arch City, we understand how important it is to save on home improvement while retaining quality. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to be smart when it comes to installing new floors.

The Materials

There are so many flooring materials on the market today; your options might seem almost infinite. It may surprise you to know how many flooring options are high in quality, and yet completely affordable. If you don’t feel you can fit solid hardwood into your budget, there are alternative options, including laminate, engineered hardwood, or even luxury vinyl tile, that will mimic the timeless look of hardwood flooring. Luxury vinyl tile flooring has become popular in the last decade due to its quality, as well its ability to imitate almost any flooring look. This luxury flooring material can imitate wood, natural stone, and even marble, creating a royal atmosphere at an affordable cost.


A homeowner’s budget is most often too small to renovate the flooring in multiple rooms at once. If this is the case with your budget, take a step back and ask yourself, “What room needs to be updated first?” This way, you will prioritize what room needs a new floor the most. You can even create a numbered list, marking which rooms should be renovated next.

Resist DIY

The do-it-yourself route is not always the best route when installing new flooring. What you may not realize, is the fact that you can actually save money by hiring flooring and installation professionals. When you install flooring yourself, you run the risk of errors that can’t be undone, costing you more money to install it correctly the second time. With flooring experts, such as the ones at Floor Coverings International, your flooring can be installed quickly and efficiently, creating a painless experience.

Here at Floor Coverings International of Arch City, our experts will assist you with any of your flooring needs. We want to take the sting out of the renovation process, and we’ll start by bringing the samples straight to you in the comfort of your home! Call today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Photo Credit: MPanchenko