new carpeting st. louisYou vacuum regularly; you even get your carpeting steam cleaned once a year. You’re doing everything right, and yet, eventually, you need new carpeting. Here are some signs it’s time for new carpeting from Floor Coverings International of St. Louis!

Forever Stains

Most carpeting is stain resistant, and if you react quickly to most stains you have a good chance they won’t set in your carpeting. However, over the years some stains slip through the cracks and are permanent residents on your carpeting. Sometimes we rearrange the furniture to hide the stain. But once there are too many stains to hide you’ve got to face the truth and get some new carpeting.

Allergen Buildup

As carpet gets older and older, more allergens build up from pets, outside, and dust. Even in very clean homes, you will find a lot of allergens in old carpeting. Steam cleaning helps with this carpeting issue, but after a few decades the only thing that will help is bringing in some new carpeting and carpet padding.

Bold Colors

Carpeting is available in every color imaginable today. And sometimes, we go for a bold color that many years later we regret. While you thought you’d always love that mustard yellow carpeting, you now can’t stand to look at it. Even if you think your carpet has more life in it, you may want to recycle the carpet and update your flooring decision. Hopefully, you’ll find a new color that can evolve with your style changes.

 Wear Patterns

Once you can see a clear path of everywhere you walk on your carpeting, it’s time to get some new carpeting. Make sure you consult a professional at Floor Coverings International in St. Louis to make sure you get the right kind of pile for each area of your home.

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