When finding the perfect look for your St. Louis home, there are a variety of design trends to take inspiration from. To capture any look, it’s best to start with the basics – like your floors! Floor Coverings International Arch City has compiled some popular design trends and their best flooring matches.


A minimalist look should be simple, uncluttered, and clean. Minimalism is all about the basics and only having exactly what you need. For a minimalist aesthetic, the ideal floor should reflect this: something clean, uncomplicated, and easy to care for.

The perfect flooring to reflect this? Matte porcelain tile flooring. Matte tiling is a simple, understated twist on polished flooring. It’s uncomplicated and clean, and works well with any tile, from porcelain to natural stone. White, black, and gray are ideal choices for a minimalist look.

matte porcelain tile flooring

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern can be a hard look to pin down. The “mid-century” part refers to style inspired by the mid-20th century (1930 – 1960). This look has a distinct vintage appeal, but with a modern touch. The stylish and welcoming vibe of mid-century modern decor makes it a popular and approachable option.

The best flooring for a mid-century modern home? Maple hardwood flooring. Maple hardwood is classically beautiful, with a warm, mid-toned hue and reddish tones. This welcoming, warm flooring option will perfectly complement a mid-century modern home.

maple hardwood flooring


A rustic aesthetic is laid-back, stylish, and welcoming. This look can be cozy and casual, or modern and edgy – it all depends on the decor you used. Rather than relying on elaborate design, the rustic look is all about preserving natural beauty.

The best flooring for a rustic home? Slate tile flooring. Slate is a stunning and durable natural stone. The understated shades and unique appearance of slate flooring will perfectly complement a rustic home. Rather than choosing polished tile, go with matte, for a more natural vibe.

slate tile flooring


The industrial look is the perfect balance of casual and edgy. Consider the industrial aesthetic as a combination of both a modern and rustic style. This look should be functional and sharp, but also full of personality. To capture the industrial look, it’s best to use materials that are both practical and unique. Metal and unfinished hardwood, for example, work very well in an industrial home.

The best flooring for an industrial home? Hand-scraped hardwood. This flooring option has the look of hand-crafted hardwood, including authentic imperfections. The simplicity and handmade look of hand-scraped hardwood will perfectly complement an industrial aesthetic.

handscraped hardwood

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