Just like coming home to a soft and beautiful carpet, coming home to a purring cat or a furry dog puts a smile on your face. So the question is: when it comes to carpet, can pet owners have it all? Keep reading for flooring wisdom from the team at  Floor Coverings International Arch City.

Pet Owner Problems

Our four-legged friends bring so much joy to our lives, but when it comes to flooring they also bring stains, shedding, and wear-and-tear. All of these factors can lead to an unsightly appearance for your carpet, but if you weigh your carpet options carefully, you are sure to find an installation that exists in relative harmony with your furry friends.

pet on home carpet st louisCarpet Fiber and Style

If claws are involved, a loop style of carpet might not be the best option for your pet-friendly carpet. The looped strand style can catch on cat or dog claws and overtime, with repeated pawing, the loops can weaken and even break.

When it comes to stain resistance, opt for a polyester carpet, which actually has more natural stain repelling power than popular nylon. Since nylon is considered to be the more durable option between the two fibers, you can also get the best of both worlds with a polyester-nylon blend.

If all these carpet details are starting to blend together in your mind, let the experts take over and simply pick out a carpet product that is marketed to pet owners. Many savvy brands now offer these pet-specific options that take the guesswork out of carpet shopping.

pet mess on carpet st louisColor Considerations

When picking a color for your pet-friendly carpet, consider how well that color is going to hide stains. Instead of choosing a single-tone carpet, consider a speckled shade of brownish-tan. This common carpet color isn’t the most thrilling, but it does do a great job at masking small stains and damage over time.

Another smart move when considering carpet color is to take note of your pet’s fur color. Don’t choose a navy blue carpet if you have a snow-white Shih Tzu that sheds like crazy!

Your St. Louis Carpet

The team at Floor Coverings International Arch City is here to help though! Schedule a free in-home consultation today and we can help you find the pet-ready carpet of your dreams.

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