squeaky floors st. louisEveryone has stepped on a squeaky floor at least once in their life, but do you know why it squeaks? The squeaky spot can be caused by a few different factors, including loose joints or a nail rubbing, causing noise. We know how annoying it can be, so Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake wants to help you get rid of the pesky noise.

Shims and Screws

There are two common ways to fix a squeaky floor from underneath when you have a basement and the squeak is on the main floor. One is to wedge a shim (a thin piece of wood). While you’re underneath, enlist an assistant to walk above over the noise. Once you’ve located the exact spot where the noise comes from, wedge a shim between the subfloor and the nearest joint. You can also use screws if the fix requires more support. Driving a sheet metal or drywall screw through the joist, shim, and into the subfloor will fix the squeaky spot long-term. The key to this method is making sure the screw is long enough to reach through all three parts, but not so long that it’s sticking through the other side of the flooring.

Ground Level

If you don’t have a basement, or have upper floor level squeaks to fix, it is possible to fix it from above. To fix it the simple way, locate the squeak and drill pilot holes to fasten the floorboard to the joists using sheet metal or drywall screws. For prettier results, you can countersink the screws. This means to drill the screws down in such a way that the head of the screw is below the surface of the board, then filling the hole with a fill stick as close to the same color of your flooring.

Squeaky floors can be extremely annoying and difficult to fix. At Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, we want to arm you with information that will help you improve your home’s flooring and its lifespan. If it’s time for a flooring renovation, call today for a free in-home consultation.

Photo Credit: MPanchenko