St. Louis BambooBamboo as a material has become very trendy and popular recently in St. Louis. Though it’s often considered comparable to hardwood, there are many differences — both in terms of positives and negatives. Bamboo is a superb material for specific situations, but there are areas in which hardwood may be preferred. The experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City outline everything you need to know below.

Pro: Bamboo Is More Affordable

Bamboo is an excellent “budget” option for those who want a hard, durable floor but simply cannot pay the premiums related to hardwood flooring. Depending on the hardwood you’re comparing it to, bamboo floors can generally be purchased at a cheaper price than hardwoods.

Con: Bamboo Doesn’t Last As Long

Traditional hardwood flooring can last up to a hundred years — potentially even more if properly cared for. This is why you can frequently find refinished hardwood flooring in very old homes. Comparatively, bamboo isn’t going to last as long; it will only last maybe a decade or two, potentially three. If you feel you may remodel your home within the next two decades (or if you’re intending on selling your home), bamboo may be a perfect option. If you want something that is going to truly last, hardwood floors are preferred.

Pro: Bamboo Is Highly Sustainable

Bamboo flooring is more closely related to a grass than it is to traditional wood. It grows quickly and it can be harvested safely without being disruptive to the environment. While there are many ways to get hardwood sustainably (such as through reclaimed wood), bamboo is still undoubtedly one of the most sustainable materials around.

St. Louis Bamboo

Con: Bamboo Doesn’t Have A Lot of Variation

Though there are different colors and patterns of bamboo, it will generally always look like bamboo. Bamboo is at home in a contemporary, modern home — but it may not be well suited to certain types of look, such as cozier, or more rustic properties. Most bamboo is going to be a fairly light color and will have limited grain. It can be stained darker colors and finished in a variety of textures. There are also some ways to make it look more unique, such as through gray staining or bleaching.

Is bamboo the right choice for you? It really depends on your style and budget. There are many different looks that bamboo can have that are comparable to hardwood floors, but there are also issues of longevity and durability to consider. Schedule your free design consultation with us today to go over this and everything else you need to know about bamboo and hardwood. We proudly serve the greater St. Louis area!

Photo Credit: Jaroslav74 & Deniseus