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Wide Plank Hardwood in St. Louis

If you are installing hardwood flooring you need to make sure you are choosing the right size planks for your design goals. One option is the wide plank style of hardwood, which is becoming increasingly popular with St. Louis homeowners. Today, the team at  Floor Coverings International Arch City has all the details on wide plank hardwood flooring for…

4 Durable Hardwoods For Any Aesthetic

St. Louis homeowners have a variety of aesthetic tastes and here at Floor Coverings International Arch City, we want to help you find the flooring style that complements the rest of your home as best as possible. First and foremost, we prioritize durability to ensure that your floors can stand up to wear and tear for many years to…
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Interior Design Trends and Their Flooring Match

When finding the perfect look for your St. Louis home, there are a variety of design trends to take inspiration from. To capture any look, it’s best to start with the basics - like your floors! Floor Coverings International Arch City has compiled some popular design trends and their best flooring matches. Minimalist A minimalist look should be simple,…
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Simple Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floors

People say that a hardwood floor increases the resale value of your home, and to put it simply, the rumors are! Hardwood floors are durable, long-lasting, and timeless. But just like any flooring material, hardwood has certain sensitivities, and these can lead to damage if you’re not careful. Luckily, with a little help from Floor Coverings International Arch City
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Infographic: 4 Tips to Prevent Furniture From Scratching Hardwood

Hardwood floors are a timeless investment that can bring value and beauty to a home for years on end. Scratched hardwood, however, is less desirable. That's why we here at Floor Coverings International Arch City put together this infographic to help home and business owners protect their hardwood: You Might Also Like: Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors Hardwood Flooring…
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Hardwood Flooring For Trendy Living Rooms

Trend Alert 2018! It’s January and the team at Floor Coverings International Arch City has the scoop on the interior design themes that are going viral this year. Let's take a look at what is hot in living room design, and we'll pair these trends with the perfect floors (think wine and cheese, Sonny and Cher, etc.). Keep reading…
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Infographic: 3 Features You Need for Your Dream Kitchen

Ready to redesign your kitchen? It may seem like a daunting task, but if you keep these three factors in mind when choosing your materials, it will make the process seem much more simple and fun! Contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City to get started! Photo Credits: © Breadmaker, © LuckyPhoto, © Marga Goudsbloem, © Dan…
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Hardwood Flooring Hazards (And How To Avoid Them)

It’s no secret that hardwood floors can make a space beautiful and functional. We all enjoy the inviting aura of natural colors and the rugged look of wood grain, not to mention the peace of mind that comes with a material as dependable as hardwood. But if you’re considering hardwood floors for your St. Louis…
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Bamboo: The Pros and Cons Compared to Traditional Hardwood

Bamboo as a material has become very trendy and popular recently in St. Louis. Though it's often considered comparable to hardwood, there are many differences -- both in terms of positives and negatives. Bamboo is a superb material for specific situations, but there are areas in which hardwood may be preferred. The experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City
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5 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwoods in St. Louis

Hardwood floors are a big investment but are also well worth it because they can last for decades. They are beautiful, classic, and add value to a home. The key to keeping your hardwoods in great shape is to regularly clean and maintain them. The experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City share some tips below to keep your…