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Home Carpeting For St. Louis Pet Owners

Just like coming home to a soft and beautiful carpet, coming home to a purring cat or a furry dog puts a smile on your face. So the question is: when it comes to carpet, can pet owners have it all? Keep reading for flooring wisdom from the team at  Floor Coverings International Arch City. Pet Owner Problems Our four-legged…
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Unexpected Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Homeowners in the St. Louis area are choosing carpet to meet their flooring needs. That’s no surprise because the best carpets on the market are comfortable, cost-effective, and durable. On top of these great features, there are also a handful of fringe carpet benefits that aren’t as widely known. To help you make the best choice…
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Infographic: The Best Carpets for Your Bedroom

We love carpet for bedrooms, especially here in St. Louis. From plush to Berber carpet, there are options for every homeowner. Check out this awesome infographic guide to bed room carpet our experts at Floor Coverings International Arch City made! Photo credits: Jodie Johnson, withGod, Picnote  
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Don’t Make These Two Carpet Mistakes

At Floor Coverings International Arch City we’ve noticed that many local homeowners are choosing carpet for their flooring needs. To help folks in the St. Louis, MO area make smarter carpet choices, we’re sharing two overlooked spots where many carpet buyers make mistakes! Be Realistic About Upkeep It’s easy to be tempted by a fancy carpet. You might be drawn to…
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St. Louis Stain Removal 101: Getting Blood Out of Carpet

Maybe your dog just returned from the groomer with its nails cut too short. Or perhaps you unknowingly had a cut on your bare feet. You may have even nicked yourself while sewing. Whatever the cause, blood and carpeting aren't exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, when it comes to carpet stains, blood is…
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Surprising Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Sometimes in the St. Louis, MO area, carpet flooring gets a bad reputation. People think of it as a low-cost option that won’t look nice in their home. Here at Floor Coverings International Arch City, we would like to offer a few examples of the great benefits of carpet flooring. You might be surprised how many reasons there are to love…
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5 Best Flooring Options For Kids

Little ones can be hard on floors. But at Floor Coverings International in Arch City, we know that when you need new floors, it’s hard to wait years for kids to grow. That’s why we’ve put together a list of kid-friendly flooring options for every budget. We even have your solution if you can’t resist…
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Is it Time for New Carpeting?

You vacuum regularly; you even get your carpeting steam cleaned once a year. You’re doing everything right, and yet, eventually, you need new carpeting. Here are some signs it’s time for new carpeting from Floor Coverings International of St. Louis! Forever Stains Most carpeting is stain resistant, and if you react quickly to most stains…